Metro Psych Cebu Bridge to recovery

Trailing your seize? You believe you can no longer hold your problems?

You sense your world is breakdown all around you? You suppose you are a disappointment? Are you evading from reality? Are you generous up on yourself?

Get a hang on, a physically powerful hard grip on yourself and expression up to who you are and what you are. Don’t think you are not human being, a person with self-esteem. People concern for you. People care for you. Do not agree to your dilemma and doubts to overcome you; you can conquer them. You can tolerate, you can survive.

You will stay alive.

Bromides and platitudes are so inspiring on paper; so simple to say, so unbreakable to do, but facilitate is near. Hope is here: the Metro Psyche Facility is currently open to aid anyone of us who wants help, who seek help, who requests to be helped.

Roads and Bridges to Recovery is what the Cebu branch of the Metro Psych Facility aim to rest out. The management and therapy of alcoholics and drug addict, the de-stigmatization of psychological illness, stress and anger supervision are not partial to medication without help but to concentrated and empathetic cure of the patient. In-patients who necessitate to be stabilized and rehabilitated are time-honored in the facility, the high storey of which is at odds in which alcoholics are segregate from drug dependents, the psychologically ill occupy the first floor; about fifteen attendants fully-trained and knowledgeable are in attendance.